Darren Lim rode 2,700km on motorbike to make it back to S'pore before M'sia's lockdown

51 hours. No proper sleep.

Tanya Ong | March 19, 2020, 06:11 PM

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When Malaysia announced that they would be imposing lockdown measures from Mar. 18, many scrambled to be on either side of the border.

Actor and TV host Darren Lim was among those who rushed to return to Singapore.

On Mar. 18, Lim's Instagram post said that he rode back to Singapore on motorbike, from Thailand to Singapore, via Malaysia.

The Instagram post showed that he had travelled nearly 2,700km:


He also said that it took him 51 hours, and was the "longest distance" he had ridden in his life.

Decided to cut his trip short

Lim had been on an "epic motorcycle trip" from Singapore to Laos, where he intended to cover 7,000km in 23 days.


However, his trip had been unexpectedly cut short.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, Lim had been in Mae Hong Son in Thailand when he first heard that Malaysia would be closing its borders from Mar. 18 onwards.

He decided to head home immediately.

Lim explained his predicament to the Chinese daily:

"If I had stayed in Thailand, I wouldn't be able to return with my bike. There are regulations regarding the entry of my vehicle into Thailand, and I will be fined if it exceeds stipulated dates. If I can't make it into Malaysia from Thailand in time, I would be in trouble."

Rode back without rest

Together with his friend, Lim and his friend decided to rush back.

He told Lianhe Wanbao:

"We only briefly stopped to refuel, grab a bite or use the bathroom before continuing on our way. A good 600km of the roads were dangerous, mountainous terrain, so we couldn't ride very fast as well."

Lim made it back on Mar. 18 around noon, after riding for two days without proper rest.

On his Instagram post, he said that he would sleep by the roadside, for a maximum period of two hours, when he got too tired.

Thankfully for him, though, Lim said that he is used to going without sleep as an actor.

"When we are filming, sometimes we go for a few nights without proper rest... I have to thank my job for giving me this 'training', as most people would not be able to pull it off!"

However, Lim stressed that he only did so because desperate times called for extreme measures, and he would not recommend that others try this.

Top photo via Instagram/Darrenlim72