Suspected Covid-19 patient blown away by quality of healthcare at S'pore's National Centre for Infectious Diseases

The number of healthcare workers at the front line was staggering.

Belmont Lay| March 27, 01:30 AM

A Singapore resident is so thoroughly impressed with his recent visit to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, after he was suspected to be a Covid-19 case, that he took to social media to tell the rest of the world about it.

As a result, the rest of the world is now also thoroughly impressed by what they have read about healthcare in Singapore.

The man posted about his experience on Facebook, detailing what happened from the time he went to see the doctor at a clinic in a mall, to being whisked away in an ambulance and having multiple tests done -- without so much as having checks conducted on him to ascertain if he was insured or that he could even afford diagnosis or treatment.

Within 24 hours, his post has been shared more than 15,000 times worldwide.

What happened

The Singapore resident, Mike Davie, had just returned here and was under home quarantine for 15 days.

However, a fever set in after the period of confinement, and Davie went to see a doctor in a mall and explained what happened and revealed his recent travel itinerary to Korea and Canada.

What happened next, was something out of a movie scene, as Davie wrote:

"Within seconds of ending my story, the doctor jumped into action (which I am guessing is the protocol they must follow). I was rushed into a back isolation room while the staff closed the office for decontamination. I could hear tons of commotion, cleaning, and calls being made to a central body, the mall and the ambulance dispatch."

NCID organised and professional

After being led down the backdoor and out of a hallway, an ambulance picked Davie and others up along the way to the NCID at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Long story short, when the suspected Covid-19 patients arrived at the NCID, processing them as "High Risk" patients and getting them tested occurred at a frantic pace.

Davie marvelled at not only their speed, but at how the healthcare workers demonstrated professionalism and steadfastness at seeing to the patients:

For every patient there was hospital staffer; nurses, porters, janitors, doctors, pharmacists and technicians. It looked like a war zone, except for the fact all the staff were calm, deliberate, organized and professional.

With clearly marked signs and barriers erected to ensure patients were led to the right lines, the scene unfolded like clockwork.

What shook Davie though, was how treating the virus was of utmost priority.

He wrote:

I am giving paperwork to review. No, not insurance. No, not credit card. They are only concerned with the virus.

So impressed was Davie at how healthcare is manged here to fight Covid-19 at plenty of cost, he wrote:

All I can allude to is that the health care system here, is like no other I have witnessed. They are doing everything to ensure the safety of the citizens, protection of the economy and that they are going to what it takes to end the spread.

Massive amounts of manpower

In total, Davie underwent three separate tests for the Covid-19 virus over three nights, just for doctors to make sure he was certifiably Covid-19 negative.

Based on his observations having spent a few days there, the amount of gear that healthcare workers attending to each patient goes through was mind-boggling.

He saw first-hand healthcare workers having to be decontaminated and changing out of their protective gear after each round of attending to a patient.

All these made respecting some basic rules on the premises easy, such as the request for patients not to take photos of the inside of the NCID.

Eventually, Davie tested negative for Covid-19, but was diagnosed with a case of pneumonia, which he couldn't be happier about.

To sum up his experience, Davie wrote:

Living it first hand, I have not only a new found respect for all those in the medical industry (including the extremely important janitors and cleaning staff who are keeping the hospital safe), but also for the system itself.

He also paid tribute to all those who are fighting the virus and thanked everyone who is working to keep everyone else safe, and cautioned not to take the social distancing measures as a joke because the cost of dealing with infection is high.

You can read his full post here.