Multi-vehicle accident in MCE tunnel leaves 3 injured, 1 with half his leg severed

The incident occurred on Mar. 13.

Ashley Tan| March 26, 06:47 PM

Several graphic Facebook posts about a major traffic accident in the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) tunnel have been circulating on social media recently.

The photos were posted online on Mar. 24, where they started gaining some traction.

However, the Singapore Civil Defence Force confirmed with Mothership that the incident happened on Mar. 13.

SCDF were first alerted to the incident, located along the MCE tunnel near the junction of Straits Boulevard, at about 11:45pm.

The accident appeared to have involved two cars and a van, and photos showed a white Toyota Altis with its bonnet and boot crushed.

Traffic police and medical personnel with stretchers were photographed attending to two men lying on the ground.

Photo from SG Road Vigilante / FB

The white van can be seen stalled at the side of the tunnel.

Photo from Singapore Road Accident / FB

Photo from SG Road Vigilante / FB

One man's leg allegedly severed

The accident apparently left a man with horrific injuries.

One man was photographed lying on the ground conscious, with half his leg severed. The other leg appeared to be broken.

Another man wearing a neon high-visibility vest, can be seen lying in the background speaking to a woman in a motorcycle helmet.

*Warning: Graphic material below

Photo from hardwarezone

Photo from hardwarezone

SCDF told Mothership that a man in his 30s was conveyed to Tan Tock Seng General Hospital, while two others were conveyed to the Singapore General Hospital via an SCDF ambulance.

Person claims to have witnessed the accident

Details describing what happened were put up online in a post on SG Road Vigilante Facebook page, which was contributed by a person who claimed to have witnessed the accident.

The person is purportedly the owner of a red car seen in another photo posted online.

Photo from Singapore Road Accident / FB

According to the person who was on the way home at that time, the white Toyota Altis allegedly first hit the back of the van.

Two men, allegedly the ones pictured above, then alighted and were taking photos of the car.

But another car, presumably the black Mazda, hit the back of the Toyota, injuring the two men.

Here's the full post.

Following the incident, community initiative Itsrainingraincoats, which aims to help migrant workers in need, posted an appeal to its Facebook page for more information on the injured workers.

The post stated that they were very "distressed" after hearing reports of the worker losing his legs, as that would mean the end of his working career.