Xiaxue asks everyone to stop glamourising morbidly obese people, gets backlash

Ah well.

Mandy How| February 17, 02:14 PM

If you've been on the internet long enough, you might have heard one or two opinions about local internet personality Xiaxue.

It might also go something like this:

These couple of days, however, such sentiments seem to have intensified.

Differentiating "fat" from "morbidly obese"

It started on Feb. 14, when Xiaxue posted a couple of Instagram stories about morbidly obese people.

The blogger-turned-influencer called out obese people and everyone else for promoting such a body shape, which she labelled "irresponsible" and "disgusting".

She also said that obese people should "never have been seen as attractive".

Her main gripe appears to be the unhealthy glorification of morbid obesity, a condition that leads to medical complications.

Instagram deleted Xiaxue's initial post for "harassment", although the influencer later reposted it.

She subsequently received curses and harassment for posting such opinions online. As usual.

Xiaxue, whose career was originally built on controversy, was quite unperturbed by the comments. And definitely not about to apologise.

Not "fatphobic"

In another Story, she further explained why morbid obesity should not be validated.

The hate (and some support) continued pouring in.

Xiaxue then used some current news to back up her stance.

She also recommended a clip of Piers Morgan debating with plus-sized model Angelina Duplisea on the perils of morbid obesity.

You can watch it here:


Top image via Xiaxue's Instagram