Wuhan coronavirus patient, 87, tirelessly caring for infected wife in hospital proves true love exists

In sickness and in heath.

Zhangxin Zheng | February 14, 2020, 01:37 PM

An elderly couple in Wuhan has been admitted to Wuhan Hankou hospital after being confirmed with Covid-19.

Both in their 80s, the husband has moved the hospital staff with his commitment and love for his wife.

According to a nurse named Sun Xiao Yu, the 83-year-old granny is warded in the intensive care unit as her lung infection is more severe than her 87-year-old husband. She is currently in stable condition.

Sun said that the nurses have been paying more attention to the two elderly patients.

During this period, the elderly man has been tirelessly caring for his bedridden wife even though they were assigned to separate wards.

The hospital staff observed that the elderly man would hold onto his wife’s IV drip and watch her closely by her bed.

Nurses making rounds during night shifts would see the elderly man resting by his wife's bed on some nights.

The hospital staff also said that the granny would only eat when her husband was there to comfort her or feed her.

Every morning, when breakfast is distributed to the patients, the elderly man will bring it to his wife first.

“Such love is really hard to come by and seeing them makes me believe in true love again,” Sun exclaimed at the end of the video.

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