Vietnam company made 140,000 masks out of toilet paper instead of 'antibacterial layer'

They were all confiscated.

Nyi Nyi Thet| February 18, 04:36 PM

Vietnam, like most countries, is facing mask shortages.

This has led to some companies switching to mask production.

One of those companies is Viet Han Company Ltd, a company in Hanoi.

They are registered as a napkin and printer company.

However, this was the scene that greeted market authorities when they checked out the premises.

Image from TTHN/Vnexpress

Image from TTHN/Vnexpress

Image from TTHN/Vnexpress

According to Vietnam Express, all the stock made by the company has been confiscated, and the company might be facing the highest penalty for such an offence.

Hoang Dai Nghia, head of the team who surveyed the area had this to say about these type of business practices: "This company is cheating consumers amid the novel coronavirus outbreak."

Image from Vietnam Express and TTHN