S'pore youth drinks from juice bottle & puts it back on shelf, friend says they eventually paid for it

The friend also added that it was just a joke.

Mandy How | February 08, 2020, 05:46 PM

As Singaporeans are encouraged to raise levels of personal hygiene in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, a youth is seen on video doing the exact opposite.

A Twitter video uploaded on Feb. 6, 2020, showed a youth "sampling" some fruit juices at the supermarket.

The user claimed the video was downloaded from elsewhere online and re-posted it, calling out the drinker for his actions.

You can watch it here:


To make matters worse, a caption on the video says, "How to spread Wuhan", indicating that it was a relatively recent video that reference the recent virus pandemic.

What happened

The 26-second-video started with the camera man saying, "How you know it's nice or not, Nigel?"

"Try la," the person on video replied.

"Try ah, orh."

Nigel then selected a bottle of juice and took a swig from it.

After tasting it, he made a face and said it was sour.

He put the bottle back on the shelf, as the camera man said, "Not nice ah, put back ah".

The camera then panned to a supermarket staff walking by, who did not witness what just took place.

Even while the staff was still in sight, the young man on video took a sip from another bottle while the camera man sniggered.

He eventually put that bottle back on the shelf again.

Already paid for it?

In response to the tweet, however, another user jumped in to defend the video and the people in it.

The user, who appeared to be involved in the video, says that they had already paid for the drinks.

They also added that it was a joke and told the uploader not to use it for her own clout.

Top image via @jelenece on Twitter