Twitter user confronts Tan Chuan-Jin on calling some S'poreans 'idiot'. Tan is perplexed.

Confusion and opportunity.

Nyi Nyi Thet| February 21, 10:24 AM

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On February 8, Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin posted his thoughts on the panic buying that had ensued the day before.

He posted those remarks a day after dorscon orange was announced, when Singaporeans went out for a supermarket spending spree.

Specifically, Tan took aim at those who had packed their trolleys or baskets with items, only to abandon them after seeing the length of the queue.

He also tweeted the link to his Instagram post on Twitter. It had less engagement than his Instagram post, which is usually par for the course for a tweet.

But then on February 19, one particular Twitter user, Alex, decided to do all the engagement.

The crux of this man's beef with Tan appears to be him having "passing unwanted remarks" on Singaporeans who were "well prepared" aka hoarding.

He then criticised Tan for calling some Singaporeans aka hoarders "idiot".

Now, as the more astute of you might have realised, Tan didn't actually say the word "idiot" in his Instagram post. The date which the man replied, almost 10 days after the initial tweet might suggest another trigger that earned his ire.

Here it is.

Tan was equally baffled.

And asked Alex to talk to the right person.

Tan attributed the man's responses to his "inner

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">beng".

Although he did end up finding some common ground with Alex.

The speaker then decided to engage with the people.

Here are some choice tweets.

He also once again touched on the issue of panic buying, and how some still try to justify their acts.

Why he was on Twitter at this hour (12am-ish).

He then touched on the subtext behind what Chan Chun Sing's leaked dialogue session evoked, how should our leaders communicate with their people?

Because it is perhaps inevitable that what goes on online influences how new laws and realities are shaped.

It is also interesting to note that, perhaps due to how Tan manages all of his social media, here's what he had posted on Facebook around the same time.

You can go check out all his other tweets yesterday, there are some on Parasite (Lurved it) and Atletico players.

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Cover photo from Tan Chuan-Jin Facebook

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