Taiwan to pay ‘special attention’ to arrivals who’ve visited S’pore & Thailand in past 14 days

There are 18 confirmed cases in Taiwan so far.

Kayla Wong | February 16, 12:21 pm


Travellers who have visited Singapore and Thailand in the past 14 days will receive special attention after arriving in Taiwan, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced on Saturday, Feb. 15.

Added measure to contain the virus

According to TVBS, doctors will perform tests on them if necessary to see if they are infected with the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Should they test negative for the Covid-19, but exhibit symptoms of the virus, such as having a fever or breathing problems, they will have to monitor their health for the next 14 days.

Should they test positive for the Covid-19, they will be sent to the hospital immediately for treatment.

The measure was introduced to strengthen efforts to contain the virus.

Health insurance cards that Taiwan residents hold currently reveal if they have been to China, Hong Kong, or Macau in the past 14 days, with Singapore and Thailand being the two newly added countries.

Taiwan’s CECC also reminds the Taiwanese that while there is no need to wear a face mask in open spaces, people with chronic diseases, breathing difficulties, and who are going in and out of the hospital have to wear masks.

As of 8:30pm on Saturday, Feb. 15, there are 18 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 in Taiwan.

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