'My goodies, this is my minimart!': S'pore woman shows off stockpiled groceries in bomb shelter

Not sure what people gonna do with so many bottles of soya sauce.

Mandy How | February 08, 2020, 02:38 PM

Many Singaporeans scrambled to hoard non-perishables when the Ministry of Health (MOH) raised its disease outbreak response to DORSCON Orange yesterday (Feb. 7).

DORSCON stands for Disease Outbreak Response System Condition, and it is currently being used to assess the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore, where there are 33 cases so far.

Although hoarding is not exactly behaviour to be proud of, at least two videos of fully-stocked bomb shelters have been circulating on social media.

However, it is not exactly clear when these videos were taken, as one of them appeared to be uploaded on Jan. 25.

"Got a lot of goodies"

In the first video, a woman behind the camera says,

"You see my storeroom, my goodies. This is my minimart! [Laughing slightly] We stocked up a lot of stuff here! Got a lot of goodies."

The video also shows shelves which are cluttered with instant noodles, condiments, as well as drinks.


Another video shows dozens of cans of abalones on shelves, in addition to tissue paper, toilet paper, and shampoo/body wash.

Beer and snacks can also be spotted.


On the night of Feb. 7, CEO of NTUC FairPrice Group Seah Kian Peng asked people to "stay calm".

The supermarket also said that they have stable supplies of daily essentials, and that there is no need to stockpile.

Top image via videos circulating on WhatsApp