South Korea reports 594 new Covid-19 cases on Feb. 29, total nearly 3,000

Outbreak is accelerating even more.

Ashley Tan | February 29, 10:31 am


The Covid-19 outbreak seems to be accelerating in South Korea.

On Feb. 29, 2020, 594 more cases of the virus was reported in the republic.

This brings the total number of infections there to a whopping 2,931, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Most new cases from Daegu

A large majority of the new cases, 476 to be exact, are in Daegu.

Daegu is the epicentre of the outbreak.

This is where the biggest cluster of Covid-19 originated in South Korea, and has ties to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus where a female worshipper has been dubbed a “super-spreader”.

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Another 60 were reported in North Gyeongsang province.

The remaining 12 new cases are from other provinces and cities.

Experts have said that they expect the number of confirmed cases to jump in the coming days.

This is because health authorities have started testing the members of the Shincheonji church, which number over 210,000.

Aside from mainland China, South Korea currently has the highest number of infected in the world.

Covid-19 has already caused 16 deaths in South Korea.


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