Mask-wearing S'poreans seen mass buying groceries in Aeon Mall in Johor Bahru at 11am on Saturday

Other people wear masks to commit crime, Singaporeans wear masks to hoard groceries.

Belmont Lay | February 09, 2020, 05:28 AM

Singapore-registered cars were seen parked outside Aeon Mall Bukit Indah in Johor Bahru just before 11am on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020.

The reason for their early morning excursion up north?

It turns out, Singaporeans had infiltrated the mall's supermarket wearing face masks and were seen mass buying groceries a la Singapore supermarkets.

This hilarious scene was posted on Facebook by a Malaysian woman who was at the mall:

Her caption in Chinese said: "???才刚刚开门 (???Mall has just opened)"

Aeon Mall is a 25-minute drive from the Causeway.

On Friday, Feb. 7, many people in Singapore were seen mass buying and hoarding groceries in response to the alert level being raised to DORSCON Orange.

The buying frenzy extended to the wee hours of the morning at supermarkets that operate 24 hours.

Singaporeans hoarding groceries has been made the butt of jokes: