Shin Min: Mother of 6-month-old devastated she passed virus to family, talks about guilt she feels

Incredibly trying time for the lady and her family.

Nyi Nyi Thet| Zhangxin Zheng| Julia Yeo| February 07, 10:46 AM

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Two days ago (Feb. 4), the Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed that the first local human-to-human transmissions of the novel coronavirus has occurred.

Case 19 appears to have passed the virus to her husband, 6-month-old baby, and their domestic helper.

She is currently isolated at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Despite the isolation, Shin Min Daily News ("I am very anxious, I felt sorry for what happened to them") managed to secure an interview with her on Wednesday night (Feb 5).

She has trouble sleeping

Here are some insights into what she might be feeling at this time.

The 28-year-old female Singapore resident was in tears when she spoke to Shin Min of the incredible sadness she felt, knowing that she had passed the nCoV to her family.

She also told Shin Min that she has had trouble sleeping at night, because of the thoughts running through her head.

The lady spoke about the burden she felt from people asking her why this happened. A burden she said is becoming too much to handle.

“I’m very stressed, and I wish I don’t have to carry the burden of the blame anymore.”

She told the Shin Min reporter that she felt helpless and did not know what she can do. She can however only try her best to face this positively.

The lady also revealed to Shin Min that her husband, son and domestic helper are currently in stable condition and thanked the authorities for their help.

She also felt terrible for her in-laws, specifically stating how her mother-in-law is at an advanced age, and might not take this news well.

And in the midst of what must be an unimaginably trying time for her, her thoughts are firmly with her six-month-old baby.

"Right now I'm most worried about my son, I don't know how he got infected... I don't know"

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