Taiwanese 'ballroom dancing queen' Serena Liu, 44, regains consciousness after heart stopped beating for 15 days

She opted for heart surgery despite the risk as she wanted another child.

Zhangxin Zheng | February 21, 2020, 09:23 PM

44-year-old Serena Liu is a Taiwanese celebrity who's known for her ballroom dancing.

Known as the "queen of ballroom dance", Liu was often invited to variety or talk shows.

She often engaged in banters with Taiwanese host Dee Hsu who also does ballroom dancing.

Given her dance background, Liu was a regular judge for a dance competition programme called "Just Dance".

However, Liu has made less frequent appearances after getting married to singer Shin Lung as she mostly takes care of their four-year-old daughter.

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Underwent heart surgery in hopes of having another child

Recently, Liu, who has a narrow aortic valve, underwent a heart valve repair surgery.

Her heart stopped during the operation.

The doctors Taipei Veterans General Hospital had to install an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) device to resuscitate Liu.

ECMO is a technique used to prolong cardiac and respiratory support when someone’s heart and lungs are unable to provide the perfusion required to sustain life.

Liu could have opted for an aortic valve replacement.

However, this will mean taking long-term medication to prevent blood clots.

Liu hopes to bear a son for Shin and she was afraid that the long-term medication will affect her second birth in the future.

This was why she went for the surgery instead.

Regained consciousness

On Feb. 21, the Taiwanese media reported that Liu has regained consciousness after being put on ECMO for 15 days.

The piece of good news was verified by Liu's mother who has been staying by her side at the hospital.

Liu's mother said that Liu is in stable condition now and sought the public to pray for Liu's recovery.

Hoping for a heart transplant

Over the past two weeks, Liu's husband, Shin, did not see any progress in Liu's condition.

He wanted to transfer Liu to Cheng Hsin General Hospital which is known for its cardiovascular medicine and surgery.

However, a doctor at Cheng Hsin General Hospital spoke to the Taiwanese media and advised against the idea.

The doctor said that it will be better for her to remain at the current hospital, as the chances of recovery will depend on her willpower.

The other option is to wait for a heart transplant.

But there is a waiting list for this and her chances of survival depend on how her body reacts to the transplant and medication.

Top photo collage via Just Dance YouTube and Serena Liu's Instagram