S'pore youths who 'sampled' juice in supermarket release public apology, hope for '2nd chance'

They have learned their lesson.

Mandy How | February 10, 2020, 08:54 PM

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On Feb. 8, a couple of youths in Singapore went viral for "sampling" bottles of juice at a supermarket and putting the bottles back on the shelves.

Even though they have already clarified that they eventually paid for the bottles and that it was just a joke, the duo still received plenty of backlash online.

This is likely due to heightened sensitivity in matters of hygiene as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak.

Admitted to their mistake

A few hours after the incident went viral, the two have released a public apology and admitted their mistake.

They understood that paying for their drinks was not an excuse for the video.

Calling themselves "childish and immature", the two wrote that they have seen the tweets asking for them to go to jail.

However, they hope that they can be given a second chance, as they have realised their mistake.

In addition to apologising repeatedly, they also promised that such videos will not appear on their page in the future.

At the end of their letter, the two asked for a second chance once more, as they are still "young and studying".

You can read their apology here:

"I sincerely apologise for what I posted online and realise it was not ethical and definitely wrong to post such a video at this point in time. We indeed took the drink off the shelves and drank it. Although we indeed paid for the drinks in the end, there is no excuse that the video we posted was not right.

We were indeed really childish and immature. I know most of you have tweeted that we should go to jail for this and we should be punished.

But I really hope you guys can give us a second chance. We were really doing it out of stupidity and our own pleasure although I know it did not turned out as fun as it was to us. I really want to apologise to everyone affected by my video.

I promise such videos will be constrained from my page in the future. I really hope a second chance can be given to us because we are still young and studying.

I sincerely apologise again."


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Top image via @jelenece on Twitter