Maki-San S'pore launches breakfast sushi sandwich set for S$7.90, available all day

A vegetarian sushi sandwich.

Sumita Thiagarajan| February 17, 04:12 PM

Maki-San has launched the All Day Breakfast onigirazu (sushi sandwich) on Feb. 17, 2020.

It is a collaboration with Quorn, a brand of meat substitute from the U.K.

An onigirazu is basically a sushi sandwich

An onigirazu is basically a sandwich, where rice and seaweed are used to hold the ingredients, instead of bread.

According to Maki-San, the new product consists of a meat-free Quorn sausage patty, tamagoyaki (egg), cucumber, carrots and baby potatoes, wrapped in rice and seaweed.

Here's a photo of the gorgeous product:

quorn and makisan breakfast item

S$7.90 with coffee or tea

The Quorn x Maki-San All-Day Mega Breakfast costs S$7.90 and comes with a cup of hot coffee or hot green tea.

This is what it looks like in real life:

photo of what makisan breakfast sandwich looks like Photo by Sumita Thiagarajan

Take it as the healthier version of McGriddles, if you will.

Available from Feb. 17 at all Maki-San outlets

The meatless sushi sandwich is available for a limited time, from Feb. 17, 2020 to Mar. 17, 2020, at all Maki-San outlets in Singapore.

For those who are staying home, the Quorn x Maki-San All-Day Mega Breakfast is available on Deliveroo, Grab and FoodPanda.

The following promotions are available for the item:

  • 20 per cent off on Deliveroo
  • S$8 rebate using the promo code MKSAN8 for first-time Singtel Dash users

You can check out the full post

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Top photo by Maki-San and Sumita Thiagarajan

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