It might cost around S$625 just to make one PS5

There goes our money.

Fasiha Nazren| February 17, 05:54 PM

The whole world has been excited for Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) ever since it was rumoured to be released end 2020.

However, some may be slightly put off by how much it might cost to produce one PS5 console.

S$625 in manufacturing cost

According to a Bloomberg article, scarce components have pushed the manufacturing cost to around USD$450, or around S$625.37.

An estimation of the manufacturing cost by global information provider IHS Markit of the PS4, on the other hand, was around USD$381 (S$529.56).

Note that this is just the manufacturing cost and not the suggested retail cost.

In the U.S., the retail price of a PS4 is USD$399 (S$554.59).

In comparison, the suggested retail cost for the PS4 in Singapore was S$639 back in 2013.

Now, however, a PS4 console bundled with a game retails from S$479.

According to Bloomberg, with the current unit cost, the PS5 may retail for at least US$470 (S$653.29).

And based on the PS4's introductory price, it may cost much higher in Singapore.

Wait and see

The confirmed price is still not set in stone.

Companies typically sell consoles at thin profits margins or even at a loss.

They then later profit from game software and online subscription services.

It is also said that the key factor in deciding the final retail price for the PS5 will be when competitor Microsoft sets its price for the up-and-coming XBox Series X.

This information, however, may only be available in June when the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles is held.

Fingers crossed.

Top image from PlayStation Asia's Facebook page