Covid-19: Case 91 lives at Rivervale Drive, was confirmed after she had recovered

Subsequent test results confirmed the Covid-19 infection on the afternoon of February 22.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 25, 2020, 09:37 PM

The Ministry of Health confirmed earlier today that there was one new case of Covid-19 in Singapore on Tuesday (Feb. 25).

In an update provided by the Ministry of Health, Patient 91 is a 58 year-old female Singapore Citizen with no recent travel history to China. She is linked to Patient 66.

Five more cases of COVID-19 infection were discharged from hospital today (Cases 58, 62, 77, 81 and 91).

Patient 91

She reported onset of symptoms on 23 January and had sought treatment at a general practitioner (GP) clinic on February 1, February 6 and February 10.

She had been identified as a contact of Patient 66, she was referred by MOH to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) on 18 February.

Subsequent test results confirmed Covid-19 infection on the afternoon of February 22.

Ongoing investigations in the subsequent days help confirmed her link to Patient 66.

Prior to hospital admission, the lady was mainly in her home at Rivervale Drive.

Her case was quite unique, as the disease was discovered only after she had recovered from the virus.

This was done through a different kind of test.

She, however, had shown symptoms last month.

Patient 91 had experienced an onset of respiratory symptoms and visited Sengkang General Hospital on Jan. 26, as well as several other clinics.

Despite showing symptoms, she was not tested for Covid-19 because she did not fit the criteria to be a suspected case (i.e. no recent travel history to mainland China).

Image from Google Maps