Coronavirus: NUS student suspended for attending lectures during Leave of Absence

There are penalties in place for NUS students who break their LOA.

Matthias Ang | February 10, 2020, 05:36 PM

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A student from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has been handed a one-month suspension for breaching his Leave of Absence (LOA) by attending lectures.

Violated NUS' Isolation Procedures

According to an update by the university's Dean of Students, Associate Professor Leong Ching, the student was called for a hearing by the NUS Board of Discipline through Skype over the matter.

The Board then concluded that the student had violated NUS’ Isolation Procedures by attending classes during the LOA period.

As such, apart from suspension, the student also received an official reprimand over the matter on Feb. 7.

Both sanctions will be part of the student's formal education record with the suspension due to begin a day after his LOA period ends.

The update added that there are other students also under investigation, although it did not elaborate.

Penalties for breaking LOA include expulsion

A document by the university's Office of Safety, Health and Environment on Jan. 31 revealed that for both staff and students who have returned from mainland China, there are penalties in place should they break the mandatory 14-day LOA.

For students, a first-time offence consists of suspension for a month and a potential hearing by the Board of Discipline to determine further sanctions.

Should the student break the LOA for a second time, on top of suspension, the penalties also include a termination of the student's hostel housing agreement and a hearing for further sanctions, including expulsion.

As per Leong on the importance of LOA:

"LOA is a precautionary measure to prevent the potential transmission of infection in the community. Students on LOA must stay at home or in their hostel rooms, and minimise contact with others."

All classes and events in NUS to be limited to 50 people

Additionally, Leong further stated that in light of the raising of the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange, NUS will be limiting the number of people at both classes and events to 50 people.

Leong noted that this will involve measures such as having someone wait outside the dining room for another person to finish if there are already 50 people inside, and limiting study rooms to only 50 chairs.

In the meantime, three students who are well and without symptoms remain in quarantine at the government quarantine facility (GQF) at Prince George's Park Residences, both Leong's update and The New Paper reported.

The release of the last student from the GQF has been given as Feb. 15.

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