NUS & NTU students deliver food to students on leave of absence 3 times a day, every day

E-gaming students at NUS have even organised a gaming marathon to keep those on Leave of Absence occupied.

Melanie Lim | February 03, 2020, 06:05 PM

In light of the Wuhan coronavirus that has affected more than 20 countries worldwide, Singapore has been ramping up its efforts to combat its spread locally.

Students from NUS and NTU deliver food to LOA friends three times a day

Apart from government efforts, many Singaporeans have also come forward to support those who are affected.

According to NUS Office of Student Affairs, a total of 18 student leaders from the University Scholars Programme at Cinnamon College have been taking turns to deliver food for the handful of students on Leave of Absence (LOA) in their college.

An Instagram post also revealed that student leaders, residential advisors, resident fellows and Masters from NUS have been delivering food to students on Leave of Absence three times a day, every day. ⠀⠀

E-gaming students at NUS have even organised a gaming marathon including the popular “League of Legends” to keep those on Leave of Absence occupied.

Similarly, students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have been delivering food three times a day to their friends who are on Leave of Absence, and have helped to pack and deliver welfare packs with breakfast items and snacks.

Most Singaporeans are helpful, ugly behaviours still a minority

On Feb. 3, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong addressed some of the good and bad behaviours Singaporeans have exhibited since the Wuhan coronavirus hit our shores.

In his ministerial statement that was delivered in Parliament, Wong mentioned that some landlords have been "chasing out tenants on home quarantine or Leave of Absence", while others have been "hoarding and profiteering from the sale of masks."

Fearmongering news such as a list of places in Singapore to avoid have also been spread via WhatsApp, whilst anti-PRC sentiments have emerged both on and offline.

However, he also stated that these ugly behaviours are not representative of the majority of Singaporeans.

"There are many more who are quietly helping our fellow citizens in their own ways. For example, at a house visit over the weekend, I met a resident and asked if he had collected the masks; he replied that he did not need them, and asked for his package to be given to others who were in greater need of these masks."

Residents of various estates have also volunteered to man mask-collection points and distribute these masks to the homes of vulnerable neighbours with mobility issues.

In addition, the crew of Scoot flight TR121 consisted of staff who volunteered to fly back 92 Singaporeans from Wuhan despite the risks of infection.

Top image via Google Maps and nusstudentaffairs on Instagram