Nissin Cup Noodle in Japan will have 'mystery meat' fried rice from Mar. 1, 2020

The meat isn't so mysterious.

Fasiha Nazren | February 16, 2020, 02:20 PM

As if instant noodles weren't innovative enough, Nissin Cup Noodle will soon have fried rice as well.

Nissin fried rice

Here's a tweet from Nissin Cup Noodle:


"The trouble of making fried rice using cup noodles. So please buy this fried rice. #mysteryroastedmeat"

Mystery meat fried rice

Dubbed the "mystery meat" fried rice, here's what a 300g packet of fried rice contains:

  1. Rice. Fully cooked and stir-fried at a high temperature.
  2. Seasoning. A soy sauce and pepper flavoured seasoning unique to Nissin cup noodles.
  3. Garnish. Includes mystery meat, eggs and green onion.

However, don't be thrown off by the mystery meat.

According to Nissin, the mystery meat is actually the minced pork meat that is often found in the brand's cup noodles.

The fried rice can simply be heated up in a microwave for five minutes and 30 seconds or stir-fried in a pan.

Here's what it may look like:

Photo from @cupnoodle_jp on Twitter.

Photo from @cupnoodle_jp on Twitter.

Photo from @cupnoodle_jp on Twitter.

Photo from @cupnoodle_jp on Twitter.

Available in Japan only

Unfortunately, it won't be available in Singapore anytime soon.

The fried rice will be available only at the Kanto-Koshinetsu district in Japan from Mar. 1, 2020.

Top image from @cupnoodle_jp on Twitter.