Kind neighbours in Punggol leave hand sanitisers, masks & alcohol swabs in lifts for public use

Hope no one takes advantage of these.

Ashley Tan| February 04, 12:49 AM

Even though the Wuhan virus outbreak has generated some paranoia and panic in Singapore, there have been some heartwarming gestures in the community that remind us that, yes, kindness still exists in trying times.

Kind gesture

With hygiene a key priority these days, items such as masks, hand sanitisers and antiseptic wet wipes are running out island-wide.

This has led to long queues, mad scrambles in stores, and insanely over-priced items being resold online.

A group of very generous residents at Punggol Field, however, have decided to band together by donating some of these key items.

Photos posted to Facebook page Collike show hand sanitisers, masks and other coveted items placed in the lift of Block 267B Punggol Field, free for any resident or member of public to use.

Photo from Collike / FB

The post has since gone viral, receiving over 1,100 likes and 3,800 shares.

Variety of items

The items are accompanied by small notes taped to the lift walls, encouraging residents to take only what they need.

The notes are signed off by "Resident".

Incidentally, the pump bottle of hand sanitiser is cable tied to the lift railing.


Photo from Collike / FB

Sealed bags containing N95 and surgical masks are also available.

Photo from Collike / FB

Photo from Collike / FB

A box of small alcohol swabs, free for the taking, was also precariously balanced on the railing.

Photo from Collike / FB   

Screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation, presumably including various residents staying in the block, were also posted online.

One showed the person who had laid out the free goodies urging other residents to pay it forward, as well as contribute back to the shared pool of items.

Photo from Collike / FB

Photo from Collike / FB

How nice.

You can read the full post here:

Top photo from Collike / FB