M'sia Ministry of Health clarifies that the Wuhan virus does not make people act like zombies

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Sulaiman Daud | February 01, 2020, 05:08 PM

The Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM) announced on Twitter that no, the Wuhan virus outbreak does not make people behave like zombies.

On Jan. 31, it shared three facts about the Wuhan virus situation.

No zombies

Tidak benar dakwaan individu yang dijangkiti virus ini berkelakuan seperti ZOMBIE.

It is not true that individuals who contract the virus will behave like ZOMBIES.

Patients can be cured

Pesakit boleh SEMBUH. Rawatan simptom yg dialami pesakit. Jika demam, rawatan untuk baik demam.

Patients can be cured. The treatment for a patient's symptoms. If feverish, treat the fever.

Low lethality

Kadar kematian sangat rendah (antara 2 - 3%) berbanding MERS-CoV (kira-kira 34%) dan SARS (kira-kira 10%)

The mortality rate is very low (between two to three per cent) as compared to the MERS coronavirus (approximately 34 per cent) and SARS (approximately 10 per cent).

You can see the tweets below:

CNA reported that as of Jan. 31, there have been eight confirmed cases of the virus in Malaysia.

Four people have been arrested for spreading false rumours about the virus online.

While the KKM did not make its announcement in response to any specific tweet, there have been certain rumours and examples of extreme reactions popping up online.


Top image by Nathan Wright on Unsplash.