Someone spat on lift buttons at Rumbia LRT in Sengkang, police investigating

Really no manners.

Nyi Nyi Thet| February 20, 06:49 PM

Singaporeans have become hyper-aware of the importance of hygiene over the last few weeks.

The common refrain of good hygiene keeping the virus at bay serving as the most effective PSA to respect your surroundings.

Even though some might go against the grain.

An even more disgusting photo surfaced on social media recently, which appeared to show someone's spit on the lift buttons of an MRT.

SBS Transit posted an update on an earlier incident involving their lift at Rumbia station.

Here is the picture.

Image from SBS

Someone had apparently spat on the lift buttons on the LRT.

Here is their full post.

"You may have come across this post online about someone who spat on the lift buttons in our Rumbia station on the Sengkang East LRT system.

This is an abhorrent act even under normal circumstances. In the present situation, it’s more than mischief. We will be making a police report and will assist in their investigations. We wish to assure the public that the lift has since been cleaned and disinfected.

We would like to encourage commuters to not only practise good personal hygiene but also be considerate to others. Let’s keep our community safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19."

Do this instead.

Image from SBS and Google Maps