Coronavirus: Louis Koo distributed 20,000 masks to veteran HK actors who needed them

What a great man.

Zhangxin Zheng| February 16, 12:26 AM

The world is running out of face masks with the spread of infectious coronavirus (Covid-19).

Many scrambled to get their hands on face masks in a bid to protect themselves.

As a result, the shortage of masks left some vulnerable groups, especially the elderly, helpless.

Elderly actors running out of masks

According to HK01, 66-year-old veteran actress Angelina Lo had to improvise and create her own reusable mask after finishing up the surgical masks.

Lo was not able to replenish her stock as the masks always run out before she can get them.

To cope with the mask shortage, Lo wraps her cotton face mask with plastic packaging to wear it at work especially in crowded places

Photo via @joelatte.

While that DIY mask might be able to protect Lo from Covid-19, it was extremely uncomfortable.

Lo was not the only one who faced shortages. 79-year-old Yu Mo-Lin was reportedly left with around 20 face masks.

Photo via HK01.

To save on remaining masks, Yu has been wearing the same face mask for two days.

Louis Koo distributes 20,000 masks

Knowing about these issues, 48-year-old Louis Koo explored every option to buy additional masks for them.

Koo was elected as the president of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, a non-profit labour association for performers and artistes, in 2018.

Speaking to the media, Koo said that he has distributed 20,000 face masks to those who needed them, HK01 reported.

He also placed more orders but is unsure when the next batch will arrive.

However, Koo promised to distribute the face masks promptly when the orders arrive.

Known for his charitable side

In late-January, Koo has also reportedly donated RMB10 million(S$1.9 million) to charity organisation in Wuhan to help replenish medical supplies in the epicentre of Covid-19.

Top photo collage via Louis Koo's Facebook and @joelatte/Instagram