'Stay Home Notice' replacing LOA, those on SHN can't leave house at all for 14 days: Coronavirus


Nyi Nyi Thet| February 17, 05:42 PM

Since January 31, 2020, there has been a 14-day Leave-of-absence (LOA) for all travellers returning from China.

Now, there will be an even stricter regime in place.

From February 18, 11:59pm, the new Stay Home Notice (SHN) will be implemented.

SHN is basically an even stricter version of LOA. This will apply to returning Singapore residents and long-term pass holders who has recent travel history to China, outside of Hubei, within the last 14 days.

Under the SHN, these returnees will have to remain in their place of residence at all times during the 14 days.

Difference between LOA

SHN is stricter than the existing LOA regime, which had allowed returnees to leave their homes briefly, for example for their meals or to buy household supplies.

The SHN will also cover returning workers from mainland China on work passes.

Employers are already required before those on work passes travel back to Singapore. If the employers need help with lodging, MOM will link them up with hotels or dormitory operators to serve out the SHN.

This increased security will mean these returnees might not be able to get their own food. For those people, MOM will provide necessary support.

Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents (PRs) and Long Term Visit Pass holders can seek assistance from the People's Association.

MOM will also extend the LOA Support Programme to businesses and self-employed persons affected by SHN requirements.

Eligible employers will be able to apply for $100 daily per affected worker for the required duration of SHN.

Affected workers include Singapore Citizens (SC), Permanent Residents (PR), and Work Pass holders who travelled to mainland China on or before 31 January 2020, and who were placed on SHN upon their return to Singapore.

Eligible employers will also qualify for levy waiver for affected foreign workers for the SHN period.


Those who flout the SHN may face penalties and can be prosecuted under Section 21A of the Infectious Diseases Act.

Foreign workers may have their work passes revoked and be repatriated. Employers too may have their work pass privileges withdrawn.

Students may face disciplinary actions from their schools or institutions. PRA, LTVP and Dependant's Pass (DP) holders may have their Re-Entry Permit, LTVP or DP revoked or the validity shortened.

The Singapore Government will no longer be issuing any more new LOAs to returnees with recent travel history to mainland China (outside Hubei).

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