Food kiosk selling famous HK Hoover Cake Shop egg tarts opening in mid-April at ION Orchard

The kiosk will also sell pineapple 'bolo' buns and milk tea.

Melanie Lim| February 12, 01:16 PM

A new food kiosk - Joy Luck Teahouse - will be opening in the basement of ION Orchard in mid-April this year.

According to 8 Days, the food kiosk was conceptualised by locally-born TVB veteran producer Robert Chua, who also brought Tim Ho Wan and Kam's Roast to Singapore.

Egg tarts, pineapple 'bolo' buns and milk tea

Situated next to Monga Chicken, the kiosk will sell egg tarts from popular Hong Kong bakery Hoover Cake Shop as well as pineapple 'bolo' buns and milk tea from Kam Kee Cafe.

Here's how they look:

Chow Yun Fatt huge fan of egg tarts

Apparently, Hong Kong star Chow Yun Fatt is a huge fan of the egg tarts from Hoover Cake Shop, 8 Days reports.

The bakery, which has a longstanding history of over 40 years in Kowloon City, claims to "use only the finest ingredients" in their pastries.

They have also been nicknamed "Egg Tart King" by fans.

A quick check on TripAdvisor shows that Hoover Cake Shop's egg tarts have an average rating of four out of five stars from 71 reviews.

Milk tea promotion for senior citizens once kiosk opens

According to 8 Days, the egg tarts will cost around S$2.40 each -- more than twice the price in Hong Kong.

Prices for the bolo buns and milk tea have not been finalised.

However, walk-in customers who are senior citizens will be entitled to 50 per cent off their milk tea order once the kiosk opens.

Customers can also request for tapioca pearls to be added to their milk tea, which will be "brewed upon order" at the shop.

According to 8 Days, all of Joy Luck Teahouse's staff will have to undergo a two-week training stint at Hoover Cake Shop and Kam Kee Cafe in Hong Kong to learn the recipes for baking the tarts and bolo buns in Singapore.

In future, Chua intends to open more franchised outlets of Joy Luck Teahouse.


Address: Joy Luck Teahouse, ION Orchard, #B1-64, S238801

Top image via eugene_ycchow and kamkeecafe on Instagram