S'porean YouTuber Jianhao Tan invited to Harvard as conference panelist


Mandy How| February 11, 08:58 AM

Jianhao Tan has made it to Havard.

Not as a student, but as a conference panelist — which is no mean feat, too.

The YouTuber posted his invitation letter to Instagram on Feb. 10, 2020.


If you're not familiar with Tan, he is the creator of riveting content such as '13 Types of Students on Exam Day' and '13 Types of Students Doing Homework' — videos that can easily clock millions of views.

He has 3.86 million subscribers on YouTube, and over 625,000 followers on Instagram.

Student-run conference

For this occasion, Tan is invited by HPAIR, which stands for The Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations.

HPAIR is a recognised student organisation that hosts the "largest student-run conferences in Asia" annually.

According to their Facebook page, past speakers include the former president of the Republic of Korea, the former Secretary General of the UN, the secretary-general of ASEAN, and president of Goldman Sachs Asia.

In his invited role, Tan will speak on the "Lights, Camera, Asians: YouTube Instagram Cultural Revolution" panel held on Feb. 16, under the Art, Media and Culture track.

The entire conference will run from Feb. 14 to Feb. 17.

Inviter is a subscriber

The inviter identifies himself as David Cao, an Associate of the Conference Programming team.

In the letter, Cao mentions that he is a subscriber of Tan's videos, which have the "amazing ability" to make him laugh for hours and inspire him in many different ways.

In addition to being high quality videography, the content also uncovers aspects of Asian and Southeast Asian culture that viewers might otherwise not be exposed to, Cao says.

The Harvard student goes on to call Tan and his videos "amazing cultural inspirations" that millions of people look up to.

Here's the letter, if you want to read it:

Photo via Jianhao Tan on Instagram

Tan has not yet indicated if he will attend, though.

Top image via Jianhao Tan on Instagram