Jack Neo reprises Liang Ximei role with song on how S'pore can beat Covid-19

War song.

Guan Zhen Tan | February 14, 2020, 04:28 PM

Step aside Phua Chu Kang, because Liang Ximei is in the house this novel coronavirus season.

Veteran director-actor Jack Neo has reprised his role as the perpetually middle-aged woman by once again appearing in drag in this time of health crisis.

The well-loved female persona of the 60-year-old artiste in drag debuted a new song on how to fight Covid-19.

In good old Liang Ximei fashion, the latest song in Chinese, Do Not Be Afraid(不要害怕), is about how Singaporeans can fight misinformation and fear about Covid-19, while staying united and supporting front line workers in this difficult period.

The song is a parody of Don't Think That You're Useless (不要认为自己没有用), the theme song for Liang Po Po: The Movie, which came out in 1999.

The new song was posted on Neo's Facebook page on Feb. 13, and it has since garnered over 18,000 shares as of the time of writing.

Reminding Singaporeans to stay calm and united

Liang Ximei was a regular character in the popular Comedy Night (搞笑行动) variety show in the 1990s.

Neo would find himself reprising the role again in recent years, most notably for the dialect variety show, Happy Can Already (欢喜就好) in 2016.

Here's a rough translation of the lyrics:

At this moment, we don't know how many viruses are around us.

What should we do so that our life won't get disrupted?

How troublesome is the Covid-19?

We still haven't found a cure or a vaccine for it.

The whole world is afraid of catching the disease.

We just finished snatching bak kwa, now we're snatching masks.

Don't be afraid of the virus spreading. We must stay calm, and not panic.

If you are not confident, who will help you tide over this difficult period?

Don't worry about the disease pestering you, if you have symptoms, please don't hide it.

As long everyone continues to help each other, the virus wouldn't be able to continue messing up our lives.

Doctors and nurses need to take care of patients.

The customs have to painstakingly protect our borders.

These personnel are at the front lines of danger.

Thank you for giving us this assurance.

Even though the virus might appear at any time, we shall face it seriously.

We will rise to the occasion, we will not go easy on dealing with this virus.

Don't be afraid of the virus spreading, we must prevent the spread of fake news online.

If you can't ascertain if it's genuine, don't carelessly spread the message.

Don't be afraid of the virus spreading, as long as you maintain good hygiene.

Mindless paranoia is worse than the virus, we will definitely win this war.


Top image via Jack Neo's Facebook video