Overpriced instant noodles, bread & 1 roll of toilet paper resold on Carousell


Ashley Tan | February 09, 2020, 12:02 AM

Scalpers have once again emerged, this time reselling not surgical masks, but daily necessities and food items on Carousell.

This appears to be in line with what some Singaporeans have predicted, following the photos of empty shelves in local supermarkets circulating on social media.


Overpriced instant noodles

A few listings of grocery items have appeared on Carousell, at prices higher than the norm.

They were first spotted by Facebook page SG Kay Poh on Feb. 7.

Instant noodles, ranging from Indomie to Maggi brands, were being sold as high as S$50 per packet.

Photo from SG Kay Poh / FB

While another user sold each packet at S$5.

A packet of five Indomies typically costs around S$2, according to the FairPrice website.

Photo screenshot from Carousell

Photo from SG Kay Poh / FB 

One listing pricing the noodles at S$1,000,000, was clearly a troll.

It was accompanied by a description urging people not to hoard items.

Photo screenshot from Carousell

Bread and toilet paper too

A loaf of Gardenia bread was also being resold at S$25, which is more than 10 times its original price.

Photo from SG Kay Poh / FBOne listing however, takes the cake, by reselling a single roll of toilet paper for S$5.

Photo from Alvin Chin / FB

A screenshot of a conversation between the seller and a Carousell user posted to Facebook shows the latter berating the seller for reselling items and depriving the poor of groceries.

The seller however, replied it that was simply demand and supply, and that the news had stated that there were enough stocks at supermarkets.

He then asked the asked the user to "vent your anger at those who hoard instead".

It seems though, that the listing has since been deleted.

Photo from Jaslyn Oh / FB

Following the mad scramble at supermarkets, FairPrice released a statement assuring the public that there was no need to stockpile.

FairPrice Group CEO Seah Kian Peng said there are available stocks in their warehouses and stores will be replenished.

He also "(called) for calm", saying that the supply of daily essentials remain available and will be dispatched.

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Top photo from SG Kay Poh/ FB and Alvin Chua/FB