Nurse's husband proudly holds wife's hand in public when she's in uniform to show support

Love in a time of coronavirus.

Zhangxin Zheng| February 11, 12:24 PM

Working at the frontline against the infectious coronavirus can be a thankless job.

For those working in the healthcare industry, it can be really demoralising for uniformed staff to receive weird glances in public spaces after long working hours.

It is during critical times like these that support from loved ones become exceptionally important.

Considered changing out uniform

Abraham Yeo, who is also the co-founder of Homeless Hearts of Singapore, shared on Facebook that his wife, who's a nurse, noticed how people on the train shun her.

As healthcare professionals, nurses and doctors take careful precautions about hygiene. That includes washing their hands more, Yeo added.

However, he said that his wife could also empathise with the fact that people are naturally more anxious during this time. Hence, she even considered changing out of her uniform before taking public transport.

Even though they technically are not required to.

"But still... do not be afraid, friends, of our nurses who don their uniforms. The nurse uniform should be something to be proud and respected and admired in public - especially during such a time as this."

Holding his wife's hand when she's in uniform

Having seen what his wife has gone through daily, Yeo decided to "hold her hand even more and draw her closer to [him]" these days to give her moral support.

He also expressed that he's really proud of his wife, who also visits the homeless to check on their health.

"That’s why I nowadays try to hold her hand even more, and draw her closer to me esp when she’s wearing her uniform - because she’s a NURSE and I am SO PROUD OF HER."

Yeo also urged all husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends to show their significant other who's serving at the frontlines some support:

"So bros/sis, if your wife/husband/bf/gf is a nurse/doctor - do encourage them and support them in whatever love languages they have. Hold their hands in public, affirm them, help them with whatever chores they have, buy them coffee, or just spend a good time over a delicious meal. Pray with them too!"

You can read Yeo's post in full here.

Top photo collage from Abraham Yeo/Facebook and Zheng Zhangxin