S'pore florist fills V-Day heart-shaped box with S'pore currency likely worth S$20,000

Make a smaller one if your significant other is understanding.

Zhangxin Zheng| February 14, 04:53 PM

Valentine's Day is not about the presents, but sometimes, maybe it is.

Because here's a gift idea for your significant other that won't go wrong for sure.

Box full of cold hard cash

HQ Flowers, a local florist shop located at Changi, has created a neatly arranged heart-shaped box filled with Singapore currency of various denominations.

Photo from HQ Flower/Facebook.

The box is filled mostly with orange S$100 notes, as well as some blue S$50 notes and purple S$1000 notes with flowers decorated at the fringe.

Guess the value

The Facebook page then encouraged people to guess the value of the box and the first one who got the sum right will be rewarded with a gift voucher, although the value of the gift voucher was not revealed.

The post has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook and many tried their luck.

Most of these guesses were around S$20,000 but it seems like no one has guessed the value right yet (as of the time of writing).

Screenshot from HQ Flower/Facebook.

Screenshot from HQ Flower/Facebook.

Top photo via HQ Flowers/Facebook