Hong Kong millennial starts surgical mask factory from scratch in 2 weeks, sells 1 mask for S$0.20

He intends to donate the first batch of masks to those in need.

Tanya Ong | February 25, 2020, 04:11 PM

Surgical mask shortages are rife in Hong Kong.

And one man, instead of waiting for new stock, has decided to develop a solution to the problem -- by starting his own surgical mask factory.

Started business from scratch

According to Hong Kong Apple Daily, the man, known only as Tong, said that "it's faster to do it rather than wait for the government".

He reportedly took about two weeks to establish this entire business from scratch.

Photo via HK Apple Daily

The filmmaker, along with several other friends, invested a significant amount of money in the surgical mask manufacturing industry to produce surgical masks.

They spent over HKD5 million (S$896,892) to secure resources, including raw materials and machinery, as well as labour costs.

Tong clarified that this expenditure is out of pocket, and they are not backed by any political party or organisation.

The premises, which is located in Tuen Mun, is a 7,000 sq feet factory that used to be food processing factory.

Photo via HK Apple Daily

Photo via HK Apple Daily

HK Apple Daily reported that an estimated 80 to 100 masks can be produced every minute. The production line, which begun tests on Feb. 16, is currently still in testing phases.

Intends to sell mask for HKD$1

Tong said that he intends to sell one mask for HKD$1 (about S$0.20).

He is also looking at creating two other versions of a higher quality, which are expected to be priced at HKDS$1.50 and HKD$2.

He also reportedly intends to donate the first batch of masks to those in need, including medical professionals.

The masks are expected to go on sale in early March once the product has passed qualifying tests.

Masks will be sold online.

Top photo via HK Apple Daily.