Healthcare workers in Wuhan reveal cuts & marks on faces from wearing masks

Looks painful.

Ashley Tan | February 04, 2020, 04:46 PM

It's without a doubt that healthcare workers on the front lines have one of the toughest jobs during the Wuhan virus outbreak.

Not only do they have to guard against contracting the virus themselves, they have to work round the clock to care for and administer treatment to those infected too.

Which has led to some of these staff, exhausted as they are, taking a quick nap at random areas in the hospital.

Left with indents and sores on faces from PPE

Sometimes, these staff work such long hours that their personal protective equipment (PPE) leaves physical markings on their faces.

Photos widely circulated online and posted to Facebook page show shots of the workers, with visible indents on their foreheads and cheeks left from the masks they wore for long periods.

One can clearly see how tired they are, from their dark eye rings too.

Photo from / FB

Photo from / FB

Photo from / FB

Some even have wounds on their nose bridges from where the mask cut into their skin.

Certainly looks painful.

Photo from / FB

Photo from / FB


There are currently 426 dead and over 20,000 infected from the virus in mainland China, according to CGTN.

To overcome the shortage in facilities for treatment and quarantine, as well as perhaps ease the load on medical staff in existing hospitals, China constructed a new, makeshift hospital in record time.

The Huoshenshan Hospital was completed in 10 days, and can hold a thousand beds.

Top photo from / FB