Men in GrabFood & Deliveroo uniforms tilt & shake claw machines at Clementi, steal over 10 toys

The claw machine company is aware of the incident.

Ashley Tan| February 17, 09:15 PM

Three men were recently caught on camera stealing toys from a claw machine.

Three men tilting and shaking claw machine

The 13-minute long CCTV footage was posted to Facebook, showing the three men examining the claw machines, which are situated near a coffee shop at Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2.

The incident occurred in the wee hours of the morning, at around 2:30am on Feb. 13, according to Shin Min Daily News.

The three men can be seen repeatedly tilting and shaking the two claw machines, before retrieving the fallen toys and stashing them in their motorcycles nearby.

Two of the men appear to be food delivery workers, as seen from their GrabFood and Deliveroo uniforms.

Company has not lodged police report

One woman surnamed Chen, who is reportedly a partner of the shop that owns the claw machines, told SMDN that the trio stole more than 10 toys from the machines.

Three of the toys are worth S$10, and the mini figurines are worth around S$5 each, according to Stomp.

Chen told SMDN that the machine had just been replenished with more than 50 toys the day before the incident.

The firm usually replenishes the machines once every four to five days. So when the boss of the coffeeshop noticed the sudden drop in number of toys inside the machine, he informed Chen.

According to Stomp, Chen said that the company has not yet made a decision on what action to take, whether to locate the three men and request the return of the toys, or to lodge a complaint with their respective food delivery companies.

Chen said that they have not yet informed the police either.

The company is also discussing other precautionary measures to ensure such incidents do not occur in the future, such as installing the claw machines in a fixed position.

In response to Mothership's queries, Deliveroo stated that they are "shocked" by the video, and do not tolerate any illegal acts.

Deliveroo added that they will cooperate with the police in their investigation if a report is lodged, and will stop working with the man immediately if he is confirmed to be a Deliveroo rider and is found guilty of any criminal activity.

Mothership has contacted Grab for more information and will update the story when they reply.

Top photo from Claw Village / FB