28-year-old medical staff in China dies, allegedly after working 10 days straight battling Wuhan virus

RIP :'(

Tanya Ong | February 05, 2020, 11:40 AM

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A 28-year-old medical staff working in Hunan, has passed away on Feb. 3.

According to Chinese media reports, Song Ying Jie had been working for 10 consecutive days contributing to the battle against the novel coronavirus.

Photo from Weibo.

Song was a pharmacist working for Maji Health Centre in the Hengshan area.

He reportedly began work on the first day of Chinese New Year (Jan. 25).

Apart from being responsible for the daily operations of the pharmacy, he was also stationed at the expressway to deliver medical supplies.

Photo from Weibo.

He allegedly insisted on working overtime to carry out his duties.

On Feb. 3, he ended his shift around 12am and headed back to his dormitory to rest. His colleagues reportedly could not wake him up, and discovered that he was dead.

It is believed that he died from cardiac arrest due to overwork.

Top photo via Weibo