Doctor in China who postponed wedding to work on front line dies from Covid-19 infection

He had agreed with his wife to delay their wedding until the fight over the virus is won.

Kayla Wong | February 21, 2020, 02:30 PM

A 29-year-old doctor in China, who delayed his wedding to work on the front line, has passed away after getting infected with the Covid-19.

The news was reported by Chinese state media outlet People's Daily on Feb. 21.

Planned to get married on Feb. 1

According to a statement released on Thursday, Feb. 20, by the local district health bureau, Peng Yinhua was a respiratory doctor at First People's Hospital, in the Jiangxia District of Wuhan city.

Peng was hospitalised at First People's Hospital on Jan. 25, but his condition took a turn for the worse on Jan. 30.

He was then transferred to Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan.

Unfortunately, he failed to recover, and he passed away at about 9:50pm on Thursday, Feb. 20.

According to Headline News, Peng had originally planned to have his wedding on Feb. 1.

The invitations he intended to send out were reportedly still kept in his desk drawer.

He and his wife had reportedly agreed to push back their wedding until the virus outbreak was finally contained.

Chinese social media sympathised with wife

Heartbroken at the news, Chinese social media users expressed their sympathy for Peng's parents and his would-be bride.

Screengrab via Headline News/Weibo

"This is truly heartbreaking. Please don't take away any more of these good people."

Screengrab via Headline News/Weibo

"The girl will never be able to see her groom return home again..."

Screengrab via Headline News/Weibo

"They probably just registered their marriage not too long ago. This is really painful for the wife, to lose her husband before the nuptials are completed. Who could accept this..."

Screengrab via Headline News/Weibo

"My utmost respect to the ordinary yet great hero. May you go in peace."

Top image adapted via People's Daily