S$15 DIY hand sanitiser workshop in S’pore fully booked within 3 hours, more lessons planned

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Nyi Nyi Thet | February 15, 02:49 pm


The Art Faculty, the appointed merchandise & art representative of Pathlight School’s Artist Development Programme (ADP), decided to organise a DIY hand sanitiser workshop recently.

Responding to queries from Mothership, The Art Faculty team said that the workshop was organised on Tuesday, February 11.

They contacted their craft vendors, who waived their coach fees, and went about it, the $15 covers the ingredients and bottles you will use.⁣

The response was incredibly positive.

“The workshop was only mooted and organised on Tuesday 11 Feb. We contacted our craft vendors, who very kindly waived their coach fees, and we posted the workshop on social media on Thursday 13 Feb at around 6.30am. Both planned sessions of 18pax each has been fully subscribed by 9am on the same day. It is now clear to us that there is a huge need out there.”

According to the vendors, the response for their other classes at RCs and CCs have been overwhelming as well.

The workshop was in response to the recent Covid-19 outbreak:

“We wanted a community workshop to help with the latest Cover-19 development. This became urgent knowing most shops have sold out on the much needed hand sanitisers.”

And while there are some risks involved with DIY hand sanitisers…

Here’s why S’poreans should not make their own DIY hand sanitisers

The Art Faculty assures us that the workshop is relatively easy.

“This workshop is relatively easy and fail-safe because we will be using ingredients readily available to consumers. As long as the correct ingredients in the right proportions are being used, these DIY solutions will be safe and effective.”

Each lesson will be two hours.

There are future lessons in the works, but they are mindful of the coaches as well.

“We are now working hard to obtain more supplies and planning additional sessions immediately for the next few weeks. We are very mindful that we do not over-commit the coaches too – their well-being is crucial too.

There are a few potential group-booking enquiries that we need to help with too. We have also been informing our special needs supporters and partners. In this community, inclusion works both ways!”

You can help by donating these supplies.

“If any members of the public has surplus of supplies like vodka (80% proof), Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil and especially 30ml spray bottles to sell or donate, it would be of great help to the entire community who need to stay virus-free. Please drop us a line with details – [email protected] – thank you!”

The Art Faculty however also wishes to note that the best sanitation for our hands is ultimately to wash them often.

“Hand clarifier and sanitisers are mainly interim and portable solution when you can’t get to a washing facility immediately. DIY hand clarifier and cleansing spray should be made with experienced and researched instruction and recipes. Never deviate from stipulated ingredients and proportions.”

Image from The Art Faculty

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