Diabetic man in S'pore can't get alcohol swabs for insulin jabs because they're sold out amidst virus outbreak

This is why you should only buy what you need.

Fasiha Nazren | February 05, 2020, 07:31 PM

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Surgical masks, hand sanitisers and disinfectants are constantly out of stock at various stores all over Singapore following the coronavirus outbreak.

And it seems even alcohol swabs are selling out at some retail pharmacy outlets.

No more alcohol swabs

On Feb. 5, Facebook community page Just Keep Thinking shared the following screenshot of an Instagram story:

Posted by what is believed to be a shop assistant, the Instagram story detailed a conversation between said assistant and a customer.

The customer, a diabetic man, apparently wanted to buy alcohol swabs from the shop assistant.

However, the shop assistant apologised to him and said that the swabs were already sold out.

The man explained that he is diabetic and needs the swabs for his regular insulin injections.

Frustrated, he allegedly said:

"What are people buying alcohol swabs for? So small, want to clean table? For the hand also not enough. Depriving stocks for those who really need it?"

The post ended with the shop assistant advising anyone who saw their post to "stop buying alcohol swabs" if they don't require it.


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Why alcohol swabs important for diabetics

For the uninitiated, diabetic patients require alcohol swabs to disinfect their skin before their insulin jabs.

Diabetes patients typically need insulin jabs at least once a day as their body doesn't produce enough or any insulin.

The hormone is important as it helps to maintain a healthy level of blood glucose in one's body.

High blood glucose levels can lead to problems like blindness, nerve damage and kidney failure.

Top image from Just Keep Thinking