Fairfield Methodist Primary School boy somehow wrote best Covid-19 song, inspirational as heck

This kid on another level.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 27, 2020, 05:02 PM

Perhaps due to our history with Gurmit Singh and SARS, we might be looking for a song to typify our fight with the current Covid-19 outbreak.

There have been songs, serious messages, and even a dance-rap in light of the virus:

Even Mediacorp has come up with one.

Here's another really interesting one:

And they all have some level of sincerity to it.

But this boy, and his friends, are something else.


Please listen. Here's the same link just to make sure.


Jacob Neo, a primary six student from Fairfield Methodist Primary School, wrote both the lyrics and melody for this song in just two days.

And here are some lyrics penned by Neo, who is 12.

"And the night looms the sun goes down, day bleeds and light's just a memory, memory.

The "Crowns" are invading us, what can we do, this is agony."


Here's the reason for the crown line.

Corona means crown.

Neo, who again is just 12, delivers these amazing one-liners with the kind of emotion that even some adults might find hard to muster.

His friends more than rise to the occasion as well.

Here are Neo's reasons for composing the song, according to NUH who shared his masterpiece.

"This is a song to encourage healthcare workers to press on, COVID-19 patients to stay strong, and Singapore to unite as one." - Jacob Neo, 12 years old, student from Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

Inspired by the courage of healthcare workers in Singapore, Jacob composed a song and dedicated it to all in NUH.

Thank you, Jacob and friends – we are moved and amazed by your efforts to lift our spirits."



Top photo via screenshots of TheNUH1985 YouTube video