Changi Airport taking extra measures to keep environment safe for visitors & Covid-19 at bay

Cleaning frequencies have doubled across all four airport terminals and Jewel.

Julia Yeo | February 13, 2020, 05:33 PM

As of Feb. 12, there have been 50 confirmed cases of Covid-19 locally, with several countries putting up travel advisories for their residents travelling to Singapore.

To combat the viral outbreak, Changi Airport has taken several measures to keep environment safe for airport staff, passenger and visitors.

Cleaning in more frequent intervals

The number of hand sanitisers in the airport terminals and Jewel has been increased significantly from about 160 previously to 1,200 since the end of January.

A few hundred of them operate on motion sensor, reducing the need for users to touch them.

The management has also doubled the frequency of all its cleaning efforts in the four terminals and Jewel, and even tripled the frequency for some locations with high-contact surfaces.

Airport cleaner cleaning cafeteria table Photo via Julia Yeo

The frequency of toilet cleaning has been significantly increased, and disinfectant is used for toilet flush buttons, door knobs, grab bars and toilet paper dispensers.

Ozone-infused water, a disinfectant which is much stronger and faster than chlorine, is used to disinfect toilet floors, bowls and urinals in high-usage toilets.

Attractions such as Jewel's Canopy Park are also cleaned more frequently with disinfectant.

Photo via Julia Yeo

As an added layer of protection in between cleaning rounds, surfaces with high contact frequencies are being treated with a protective disinfectant coating.

Photo via Julia Yeo

The single-application coating, which allows the surface to be self-disinfecting after each use, is applied to areas such as self-check-in counters, lift buttons and toilets.

More stringent checks on passengers & staff

Besides existing temperature screening for passengers, airport staff and visitors entering the transit areas of the airport will also undergo temperature screening.

Temperature screening is also carried out for guests entering Jewel's Canopy Park, Changi Experience Studio, Changi Lounge, Shaw Theatres, and YotelAir Singapore Changi Airport.

Guests are also required to disinfect their hands before entering attractions around Jewel.

Photo via Julia Yeo

Measures taken to protect cleaners

Speaking to a group of reporters, Jayson Goh, the managing director of airport operations management (Changi Airport Group) said that the airport's cleaning teams are constantly wearing gloves, masks and protective clothes as precautionary measures.

"After completing their work, we also ensure that they take care of their personal hygiene by washing their hands," Goh added.

"They know that they have a very important role to play in keeping the airport safe for passengers and visitors."

He noted that the workload for the cleaning team has also increased due to the higher frequencies of cleaning around the airport, and added that the airport community "has come together to provide (the cleaners) with care packages".

Top image via Julia Yeo