Buzz Convenience Store abruptly stops sale of S$35 masks after backlash, more backlash ensues

Some pointed out that the elderly folks have been waiting in line.

Mandy How| February 20, 04:01 PM

As recently as 9:45am on Feb. 20, Buzz Convenience Store advertised the sale of V-Isolation masks at their outlets in Singapore.

The masks would be available at 14 outlets island-wide at around 3pm on the same day.

Each box of 50 pieces would cost S$35, and each customer is limited to one box.

Too expensive for customers

A number of commenters took issue with the price.

Donating to charity instead

About four hours later at around 1:30pm, Buzz abruptly announced that the sale of masks has stopped.

They said that it was a "misguided attempt" to meet public demand, and the masks will be donated to charities instead.

They also apologised for the error in judgment.

The announcement was met with more angry commenters, especially for those who had gone down to queue for it.

A few also mentioned that they saw some elderly customers waiting in line.

Others were not convinced that about the charity part of things.

Signs were pasted on the storefront, informing customers about the lack of masks on sale.

Photo by Mothership reader

Photo by Mothership reader

Oh dear.

Top image by Ivan Wan, Mothership reader