BY2 slammed for buying S'pore supplies for China, Stefanie Sun sullied by association

Singapore is facing a shortage of masks being retailed.

Mandy How | February 06, 2020, 01:10 PM

Update on Feb. 6, 3:59pm: BY2 subsequently edited their Weibo caption to remove the part about buying up supplies in Singapore:

Local singers Stefanie Sun and BY2 are facing backlash from Singaporeans after a social media post about clearing out Singapore's supplies during the current novel coronavirus outbreak.

BY2 consists of Singaporean twins Miko Bai and Yumi Bai, who developed their careers in China and Taiwan.

In 2019, BY2 took part in Chinese reality singing show "The Coming One 3", where Sun was their mentor.

Weibo post about the deed

The incident started when BY2 wrote a Weibo post on Feb. 2:

The Chinese caption read:

"@StefanieSun We promised to meet up after the competition, scour the shelves in Singapore and stock up on supplies. Hope that we can do our part to defeat the outbreak! #FirmlySupportingChina"

While it is not clear where and how the supplies would help China, 8 Days reported that it will be sent to Wuhan.

It is also not exactly clear what items they bought and in what quantity.


While the Weibo post received more than 10,000 comments that appear to be largely positive, the converse happened in response to the 8 Days article.

The three singers received plenty of backlash from their fellow Singaporeans.

Many felt that they were doing it for publicity, at the expense of Singaporeans.

Stefanie Sun not involved

In response to queries by Mothership, a representative for Sun clarified that the songstress was not involved in the efforts of gathering supplies.

Instead, it was an initiative by BY2, and Sun did not take part in the process.

The photos on the post was taken when the trio met up for a meal.

Mothership has reached out to BY2 and will update this article when they reply.

Top image via BY2 on Weibo