‘Disgraceful’ to discriminate healthcare workers over fears of coronavirus: Amrin Amin

If you're uncomfortable, you should go away.

Belmont Lay | February 12, 2020, 07:29 PM

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Amrin Amin has called discrimination against healthcare workers "disgraceful".

This was in response to recent news that some nurses have been shunned by members of the public as a result of them wearing their uniforms outside of the hospital.

These acts of discrimination stemmed from the mistaken belief that uniforms are contaminated with the novel coronavirus.

Does not reflect well on Singaporeans

Amrin told reporters at the Singapore Civil Defence Force headquarters on Feb. 12 where he met front line officers who had attended suspected coronavirus cases:

“There's one issue that I would like to comment on, which is on discrimination faced by our healthcare officers.”

“We have read reports of nurses being asked not to take the lift, take the stairs instead. Nurses have been asked to leave the train... ambulance drivers being asked not to buy food, so as not to contaminate others."

“These are very unfortunate incidents, and it's very disgraceful.”

“It does not reflect the best of us Singaporeans.”

“In times of crisis, we must stand together and stand united, and these are people, ordinary men and women who have served Singapore in this time."

“Some of them have volunteered their services, come in and stepped up. I think they deserve our support and encouragement."

“I urge all Singaporeans to encourage them and to recognise their contributions in this moment.”

“The ambulance, after conveying a suspect case, will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, so the public should rest assured."

“I'm here to say thank you to the men and women who have bravely served Singapore in this moment of need.”

“They have stepped up. Many of them have said they are also anxious, but despite that they continue to perform duties required of them and I think they deserve to be honoured."

Amrin also urged Singaporeans to “condemn the disgraceful acts” by a minority.

He said the rest of Singaporeans should make it clear that these acts do not represent Singaporeans.

“We are better than that,” he also said.

“And we will show Singapore and the world who we really are.”