MOH: Aerosol transmission of Covid-19 'possible' if these 3 conditions are met

The ministry's statement was in response to China's announcement on the new transmission route.

Kayla Wong | February 24, 2020, 02:43 PM

Aerosol transmission of Covid-19 is "possible", but only when it is conditioned by three caveats, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Monday, Feb. 24.

Aerosol transmission possible under strict conditions

According to MOH, the caveats are as follows:

  1. High concentration of the virus
  2. Prolonged exposure
  3. Closed environment

MOH said these conditions are likely to occur in "very specific settings such as the intensive care unit (ICU)".

The ICU is where "aerosol-generating procedures may be performed on critically ill patients in an enclosed environment, and the healthcare professionals are in prolonged and close contact given the procedure", MOH explained.

The ministry added that such conditions have already been taken into account at Singapore's healthcare institutions.

Therefore, medical professionals must don full personal protection equipment (PPE) when dealing with COVID-19 patients in ICUs and other relevant settings.

New development announced by China

MOH's statement on aerosol transmission of Covid-19 was in response to Mothership's queries about the announcement on the new transmission route by China's National Health Commission and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Close contact and respiratory droplets main mode of transmission

MOH said it has reviewed the latest edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan, and also confirmed that close contact and respiratory droplets are still the main modes of transmission for the Covid-19.

Singapore has reported 89 infected cases so far, while 51 patients have been discharged.

Top image via Kenny Chua/Google Maps