2 in 5 S'poreans not afraid of contracting Wuhan virus: YouGov poll

Whoa, brave.

Nyi Nyi Thet | January 29, 2020, 05:59 PM

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With the rapid spread of the Wuhan virus across the world, and the seventh case being confirmed recently, you might be wondering what Singaporeans think of the virus.

This survey from YouGov polled 1,013 Singaporeans on their thoughts on the Wuhan virus.

Awareness doesn't appear to be an issue, with 94 per cent of Singaporeans having heard of the virus, female respondents (68 per cent) were more likely to fear being infected compared to male respondents (52 per cent).

Image from YouGov

In total three out of five expressed fears over contracting it.

Two in ten (19 per cent) are ‘very scared’, two in five (40 per cent) are ‘fairly scared’. A quarter (25%) are ‘not very scared’ and only seven per cent are ‘not all scared’ about contracting the virus.

Eight per cent are undecided.

A slight irony perhaps is that while the virus, like most viruses, appears to be more deadly to the elderly or people with pre-existing conditions, the older respondents were less fearful of the virus.

While there have been no official cases of a Singaporean being infected, 47 per cent of Singaporeans believe that citizens have been infected with the virus.


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In terms of what is currently being done, 58 per cent think the government is doing enough, while 35 per cent think they can be doing more.

Three per cent thinks the government is doing too much.

An astounding 84 per cent are in agreement of stopping all incoming flights from Wuhan. 43 per cent believe that all Chinese travellers should be quarantined.

Five per cent believe we should quarantine the whole of Singapore.

For the issue of face masks, 56 per cent believe the government should provide free masks for the entire country.

Personal hygiene could be the lone slightly silver lining in this entire fiasco, with eight in ten Singaporeans having improved their personal hygiene. Seven in ten are avoiding crowded spaces, while six in ten are avoiding consuming raw meat.

Jake Gammon, Head of Omnibus APAC at YouGov Omnibus, noted that "fears of the virus are shared across age groups" with a significant amount believe that more governmental measures can be taken.

Image via Reuters