Wuhan nurses in isolation ward share hectic schedule during outbreak, refuse to quit despite danger


Nyi Nyi Thet | January 23, 2020, 12:46 PM

The Wuhan virus has seen 17 deaths, and over 400 reported cases in Wuhan alone.

Lost in the ever-updating numbers coming out of the city was the news that 15 frontline medical staff had been infected with the virus over the course of their duty.

Nurses, as they always tend to be, are at the forefront of another possible pandemic.

A reporter from Wuhan Radio and Television broadcast had gone into the heart of the outbreak to document what life is like for medical professionals in Wuhan as they cope with the situation on the ground.

Guangzhou Daily posted a short video with a reporter asking a nurse if she was afraid of getting infected.

Here is what the nurse had to say:

"I think I will be fine since I'm quite young... But if I do get the virus, I'm confident my colleagues will save me."


Another news report about the broadcast described the lengths the reporter had to go through to ensure safety.

The suits and masks were described as stuffy and uncomfortable.

The process of suiting up also apparently took up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Which speaks volumes about how uncomfortable the medical personnel might be, given the long hours they have to work.

The nurses have to change masks about once every four hours.

They basically work in three shifts, the relatively shorter morning shift is from 8am to 12pm, while the other two can run up to 8 hours each. All in the aforementioned stuffy protective suits.

It can even reach up to 10 hours.

Other basic functions like going to the toilet can be a tedious affair, which is why some nurses cut down on water, they end up usually drinking water once every shift at the most.

A nurse who was down with fever, has also requested to return as soon as possible.

It's tough days, and going by reports, might get even tougher in the days ahead.

And the medical personnel freely acknowledge that being in a hospital in Wuhan 24/7 might very well be one of the dangerous places to be, but in their own words, while they have no intentions of being heroes or martyrs, they refuse to be deserters even more.

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