Video allegedly shows doctor in Wuhan breaking down over concerns of lack of hospital resources

His colleague was trying to comfort him.

Kayla Wong | January 25, 2020, 03:30 AM

A Chinese doctor working at the frontline to treat patients of the novel coronavirus in the city of Wuhan was allegedly captured on camera in the midst of an emotional breakdown.

Such footage have been flooding social media platforms with various claims about its providence linking it to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

In this particular clip, the doctor could be heard crying while talking on the phone.

His colleagues could also be seen trying to comfort him.

Can't go home for Chinese New Year

According to Shanghaiist, the doctor, who appears to be overworked, was saying he needed to work four shifts and did not have time to go home for the Spring Festival.

He could be heard screaming, "Don't I want to go home? Don't I want to celebrate the new year?"

Patients lying on floor as hospital ran out of beds

He also said, "Take those lying on the floor away."

When his colleague tried to calm him down, he said he was "not making trouble", and repeated, "What about all those people lying on the floor?"

His colleague then tried to suggest getting some other medical professionals to come over to assist them.

But he said, "Who's going to come over?"

His colleague then continued, "Why don't we let the patients go over?"

Another colleague filming him could then be heard saying "No, it doesn't work."

She also said she had already called multiple hospitals for assistance, but none of them could give the help needed.

The doctor then said, "No I don't need more doctors, I already have doctors, the problem is there're no more beds available!"

Wuhan hospitals lacking resources?

Hospitals in Wuhan are allegedly lacking in resources, and have resorted to asking for public donations.

Talk of the Chinese people helping out by selling such supplies to Wuhan hospitals has been circulating on Weibo as well.

Viral in China

While the video has gone viral on the Chinese intranet, its original source could not be determined.

Such clips, which show the escalating situation in Wuhan, are currently being circulated around rapidly on the Chinese intranet.

There were some other videos that even captured patients allegedly collapsing on the streets and in overcrowded hospitals before getting treated.

Information controlled

The spread of such videos is perhaps due to the perceived scarcity of information from official sources.

For instance, news on the virus were excluded from the front page of the Friday, Jan. 24 edition of People's Daily, the largest newspaper in China, and the Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Wuhan police had also detained eight locals for "spreading rumours" about the virus.

Medical workers in Wuhan were also allegedly told not to discuss the development of the virus outbreak with their family and friends in gatherings or in public.

The Chinese government is known for past instances of cover-ups.

It had withheld information from the public during the initial stages of the SARS epidemic back in 2003, and under reported the number of cases, according to BBC.

The lack of accurate information and rumours then led to a buying frenzy for Chinese herbal medicines and vinegar, Quartz reported.

China has since apologised for its slow reporting on the outbreak, and promised to establish "a national medical emergency mechanism immediately".

More Chinese cities under lockdown

The city of Wuhan was under lockdown since Thursday morning, Jan. 23, in an attempt to contain the virus.

The government had also mandated residents to wear face masks in public places.

More cities in Hubei province were added to the list of cities on lockdown on Friday, Jan. 24, and public transport has been restricted in at least 10 cities.

Top image adapted via @tianlanm