Wu Chun’s 9-year-old daughter writes letter to Sultan of Brunei to consider plastic ban

Start 'em young.

Guan Zhen Tan| January 12, 04:52 PM

Ex-member of Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit Wu Chun took to his official Weibo on Jan. 8 to feature his daughter’s efforts in advocating for action against climate change.

The 40-year-old Bruneian, now married to his wife Lin Liying and has two children: a nine-year-old daughter, Shayna, a.k.a Nei Nei and a six-year-old son, Max.

His kids have appeared with Wu on the popular reality TV series "Where Are We Going, Dad?" which led to a substantial social media following in China.

Passionate about environmental issues

Wu wrote in the Weibo post that he had shown his daughter Nei Nei a video on global warming six months ago.

That video has apparently made a huge impact on the young mind and prompted Nei Nei to care more for the environment.

To his surprise, Nei Nei wrote a letter to the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, the very next day, asking to "make smoking illegal".

Photo via Wu Chun's Weibo

Nei Nei wrote yet another letter to the Sultan of Brunei later in the year in December 2019, to urge him to consider implementing a plastics ban on bags and bottles, along with reducing the use of plastic straws.

Screenshot via Wu Chun's Weibo

Wu added that Nei Nei became deeply concerned after she observed that six full bags of rubbish were collected during a school trip to Berakas Beach.

The letter goes on to describe how the litter would affect marine animals and eventually human beings.

“Clearly our planet is being swallowed up by plastic. We need to reduce and stop littering our beautiful country. The time has come for people in Brunei to say no to ALL plastic to save the marine animals and keep Brunei safe and sound", she wrote.

Screenshot via Wu Chun's Weibo

Made donation to aid relief efforts for Australia bushfires

In his Weibo post, Wu said that he understands his daughter’s motivation behind her actions, given the serious impact of climate change on their future.

“Actually, our kids are very worried about such a huge crisis that they will have to face in the future”, he says.

More recently, Wu had also made several donations under his daughter's name to WWF Australia, Team Trees and Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) to aid relief efforts for the devastating bushfires in Australia.

“The Australian fires are too heartbreaking, and also serves as a very cruel warning. Let’s all make a difference, and protect their future.”

Photo via Wu Chun's Weibo

Photo via Wu Chun's Weibo

Photo via Wu Chun's Weibo


Top image via Wu Chun's Weibo