TOTO jackpot nears S$10 million, 7th largest jackpot since 2014

The results will be announced at 9:30pm, on Jan. 17.

Jason Fan | January 17, 07:17 pm


Somebody might potentially win nearly S$10 million in the Jan. 17 TOTO draw, after close to S$5 million snowballed from the three previous TOTO draws.

The prize pool for Jan. 17’s jackpot is estimated to hit S$9.9 million, which would make it the seventh largest TOTO jackpot since 2014.

Largest individual winner won S$9.7million

The massive prize pool is partly due to the three previous draws not resulting in any Group 1 winners.

This meant that more than S$4.9 million have been snowballed from the draws on Jan. 6, 9 and 13.

This was combined with the reunion draw prize of S$5 million.

The largest jackpot since 2014 was drawn on Feb.19, 2016, and amounted to S$13,943,682.

This was divided equally between two winners.

On the other hand, the largest individual winner won S$9,731,377, on the Jan. 3, 2019 TOTO draw.

This means that if an individual winner wins tonight’s jackpot, he or she could win the largest amount ever won by a single person for a TOTO draw in Singapore.

Cascade draw

TOTO jackpots do not snowball beyond the fourth consecutive draw.

If three consecutive draws have occurred without a Group 1 Prize winner, the final jackpot amount, plus the snowballed amount from the three preceding draws will be cascaded, or paid out, to the next prize group winner(s) and shared equally.

This means that no matter what happens later, there would be a big payday being handed out tonight.

The results will be announced at 9:30pm, on Jan. 17.

Good luck.

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